When it comes to athletic performance, the nutritional focus tends to be before and after training. While proper preparation and recovery are critical, people tend to forget the importance of nourishing their bodies during the workout. Here are three things not to forget the next time you hit the gym.

Drink Enough Water
Sweating is the first sign that your body is losing water, and during a hard workout it can lead to dehydration. The loss of even 1 percent of body water can negatively affect physical and mental performance significantly. To maximize performance, consistently supplying your body with small amounts of water before and during your workout is key.

Why Electrolytes Are Important
Hydration and electrolyte status are linked, and only replacing water during a workout without electrolytes can lead to an imbalance in your body that can result in impaired physical and mental performance. When you sweat your body not only loses water, but also critical electrolytes such as sodium and potassium that play a major role in energy production (1-3).

To restore these vital electrolytes, many turn to sugary sports drinks that are often laden with excess calories and artificial flavors, colors, and sweeteners.

Refuel on Carbs
Not only is replacing the loss of water and electrolytes important during a workout, but the body’s energy stores as well. More and more studies are proving that consuming carbohydrates during a workout leads to improved performance and endurance (4, 5). However, not just any form of carbohydrates will do the trick, often the excess of simple sugars in sports drinks leads to abdominal distress and discomfort — the last thing you want during intense physical activity.

Introducing the Next Generation – AMPED Hydrate
AMPED Hydrate (sticks) have an increased in electrolytes and other nutrients that supplies the body with a blend of quickly absorbing carbohydrates to help spare muscle and liver glycogen stores, boost energy, and restore any shortages that may inhibit performance.

No matter what type of exercise or active level you are, AMPED Hydrate is the perfect sports powder to rehydrate, nourish, and energize your body to make the most out of every workout.


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