Former Dancer & Teacher Gets Her Pre-Baby Body Back

Before Isagenix, Yuliya had a serious weight issue and an eating problem. She had been breastfeeding her daughter and was very mindful that she was eating enough in order to provide for her daughter. Yuliya was very particular about what she ate and made sure she was eating nutrition‐rich food. Unfortunately, she also developed a liking and craving for sweet foods which resulted in her gaining 15 kilograms post-pregnancy. Yuliya had to wear a corset to hide her bulging tummy. “Friends would Continue reading →

Isagenix Helps Bodybuilder Maintain His Physique

“The IsaBody Challenge® was a gift for me. I am very thankful that my Sponsor introduced me to the Isagenix System and the IsaBody Challenge®. The Challenge has transformed my body physically and also helped in growing my business.” Says Reshveen. Before Isagenix, Resh was used to traditional dieting where he would restrict his calorie intake before his competition. He went through a period of time where he would lose weight only to put everything back on and more within a week. To him, Continue reading →

IsaBody Challenge Finalist: From Wake-Up Call to Lifestyle Change

“I have been smoking for the past 34 years of my life, and when I finally had the courage to quit smoking, I turned to eating for comfort and a form of stress-relief,” says Razali. “Soon after, my weight ballooned to 85 kg and I had a potbelly!” At the age of 51, Razali’s body metabolism slowed down. He felt hungry and exhausted easily during work.  Due to the work stress, his quality of sleep was affected and his muscles, shoulders, and joints were sore after a long day at work. After Continue reading →

Asia Convention 1: Associate Success Stories – Nancy long (5-Star Golden Circle, 5-Star Crystal Executive)

  Prior to Isagenix, Nancy was in a successful insurance business for over two decades. When Nancy decided to walk away from her S$100,000 per month semi-residual income to join Network Marketing, a new and yet to be proven industry at age 51, everyone thought she was crazy. But she has always been interested in Network Marketing and natural healing through good nutrition.   What attracted her to Isagenix, “It’s only a 10 years’ old company and is already doing US$325 Continue reading →