2017 Promotions Galore!

Isagenix is huge on offering additional perks for building your business. Earn prizes, product, and bonuses on top of your hard-earned commissions through the new and extended Isagenix promotions. Extended Promotions Leadership Pools: Extended Through Jan. 28, 2018 Earn your shares in the Leadership Pools if you reach (and maintain) the appropriate rank and are increasing your personal Cycle and Personally Enrolled Team (4PET) growth. Learn more about the Executive Leadership Pools.  Double Continue reading →

Leadership Bonus Pool: Finishing Strong

The Leadership Bonus Pool promotion ends in just six weeks. Fortunately, there is plenty of time for you to earn a share in the pool! Since this promotion began, we have been sharing tips and strategies to help you grow and strengthen your business. With only six weeks left, it’s time to put all of those tips and strategies together to grow your team and earn a share! Learn how to help new Associates get started, so you can build a loyal customer base and help your business grow. Strengthen Continue reading →

Leadership Bonus Pool: The Power of Teamwork

There’s an old saying about teamwork: “It is not in numbers, but in unity, that our great strength lies.” And when it comes to success in the Leadership Bonus Pool, there is definitely strength in the unity of your team. Hopefully you have been successful in growing your business and helping new Associates get started. Now it’s time to leverage the power of your team to lay a strong foundation for your business. In the process, you can earn points in the Leadership Bonus Pool when your Continue reading →

Leadership Bonus Pool: Growing Your Business

Have you earned a share in the Leadership Pool? If not, don’t worry! You still have three more months—that’s three more opportunities—to accrue points and earn a share in the pool! Increase your cycle levels through sharing the products, growing your team, and helping your team members do the same. Here’s how it works: Share the results. When you share Isagenix, you’re sharing powerful health and wellness solutions that offer incredible results. In addition to your own personal Continue reading →

Extended Sales Promotions

Extended Promotions Rank Advancement Bonuses: Extended Through 15th January 2017 New Associates have the opportunity to earn over $10,000 in bonuses by building their Isagenix businesses! Plus, get an extra 30 days to reach Crystal Manager and Crystal Director, permanently! Crystal Manager time frame is now 60 days from join date, and Crystal Director time frame is now 120 days from join date. We’ve also added an additional $500 in bonuses for achieving 5 cycles while being Paid-As Consultant Continue reading →

Leadership Bonus Pool: Becoming an Effective Leader

We have officially entered the second month of the Leadership Bonus Pool, and you have a new opportunity to earn a share—even if you didn’t earn one last month! Previously, we gave you tips and strategies for growing your team and earning points in the pool by helping new Associates get started  Now, we want to focus on how you can earn additional points through strengthening your team and helping new Associates build their business. To support this goal, take an active approach to leading Continue reading →