IsaLean Shake: Natural ingredients with no artificial colors, flavours, or sweeteners

No matter how good a food or meal is for you, the likelihood of consuming it on a regular basis is low if it doesn’t taste good. When creating IsaLean Shakes, the taste was given careful consideration. There are no artificial flavourings or sweeteners added to enhance the flavour of any Isagenix product. IsaLean Shakes include only natural flavourings

Natural Colours as Ingredients
Colour influences flavour – we associate strawberry flavour with red, orange flavour with orange and grape flavour with purple. When using colours in foods, any use of artificial colour or artificial food dye must be clearly labelled as required per labelling guidelines (1). The use of natural colours, however, are not labelled as such as the term might be interpreted to mean that the colour is naturally occurring in the food itself.

However, unlike the complexity that exists with natural flavours, natural colours are generally present as one or only a few ingredients so these are listed out individually. Among these might be saffron or turmeric for yellow, tomato concentrate or lycopene for red, caramel made up of heated sugar for brown, or purple carrot extract for purple.

Natural Flavours as Ingredients
Based on its legal definition, natural flavours used as an ingredient in a food must consist of only aromatic compounds that are found in nature (1). Natural flavours can be derived directly from a foodstuff in the form of a spice, plant extract, essence, essential oil, or a distillate. They can also be a product of a foodstuff such as from after being subjected to use of enzymes, fermentation, roasting, or heating.

There more than 1200 different natural flavour aromatic compounds that can be used in various combinations in food (1). Most of these natural flavours are identified by their chemical names. Examples include benzaldehyde for wild cherry or almond, ethyl butyrate for pineapple, methyl anthranilate for a grape, and methyl salicylate for wintergreen (1).

The number and complexity of these compounds to produce a signature flavour are why they are all individually combined with the term natural flavours on a label of a packaged food. The term helps to inform customers of the function of these ingredients – reducing confusion that may occur from an actual listing of their chemical names or underlying sources.

Natural Sweeteners as Ingredients
Carbohydrates, which include sugars, are the preferred source of fuel for your brain, muscles, and immune system. However, a high dose of refined sugars can cause blood sugar to spike and then crash, leaving you feeling fatigued, hungry, and unsatisfied.

To help stay energized yet keep blood sugar in check, it’s important to choose meals that are known for their low glycemic response. For example, IsaLean Shake is shown to be low-glycemic referring to the slower rate that the carbohydrates are absorbed due to the proper balance and presence of fat, fiber, and protein and has only about as much sugar as ½ an apple or a small peach.

  • Fructose: “Fruit sugar,” or Fructose is found naturally in fruits and vegetables, and unlike other sources of simple sugars it helps contribute to a low-glycemic profile. In addition, fructose is a little sweeter than other sources of sugar, providing a naturally sweet taste with less use of sugar overall.

Flavours and Colours Isagenix Products
In its no-compromise policy, Isagenix commits to developing nutritional products that don’t contain any artificial ingredients. That includes no use of artificial flavours, colours & sweeteners. Because of this framework for product development, the company partners with specialized experts and suppliers that have invested in technologies for flavouring, colouring & sweetening of natural products.


  1. FDA Code of Federal Regulations Title 21:
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Isagenix Provides The Right Type of Protein

One of the most important aspects of any meal is the source, amount, and quality of protein. The protein in IsaLean Shake helps set it apart from others. Packed with 24 grams of protein, IsaLean Shake helps satiate hunger, optimize muscle building, and support fat burning (1-4). Not only amount but protein type matters! Isagenix Whey protein is derived from dairy, and the efforts we put in to verify standards for responsible, ethical, and sustainable sourcing is as important to our Customers as it is to our company. Let’s see our responsible dairy sourcing practices to further understand:

1. Dairy sourcing from quality suppliers in New Zealand, Australia, and the United States
Since the founding of our company in 2002, we have sourced most of our dairy from suppliers in New Zealand in an effort to meet and maintain high-quality standards. To support growing demand for our products worldwide, Isagenix has expanded to using quality suppliers in Australia and  the United States, that align with our existing no-compromise standards. We maintain a stringent process to ensure that any supplier we use meets our no-compromise guarantee. Our guidelines for choosing these suppliers are described below.

2. Verified quality animal care and sustainability standards
Our company is built upon a no-compromise policy that includes developing meaningful partnerships with our suppliers to understand their sourcing practices and quality of animal care. We want our products to be humanely produced and seek out suppliers with track records of quality animal care. We also use our influence to encourage actions that strengthen ethical and sustainable practices, including animal welfare, within our supply chain.

3. Verified standards for well-managed natural grazing activity
As part of our efforts to promote responsible sourcing, dairy ingredients, including whey protein and milk protein concentrate, are sourced from farms with cows that subsist on pastures. Our reasoning is simple: It’s good for the animals and good for the environment.

When cows spend more time grazing on pastures, the animals are well-exercised and generally healthier, among other benefits (5). A well-managed dairy operation that includes natural grazing also helps to keep pastures from overgrowth, improves plant diversity, and reduces the risk of wildfires in wooded areas, which supports responsible land management.

We understand that there are times when factors such as weather unpredictability require supplementing a cow’s diet with hay or a balanced feed mixture (e.g. hay and ground barley mix) to prevent undernourishment and provide responsible animal care.

4. Verified hormone-free, rBGH-free
We source from dairy farms that don’t give hormones to their animals. The cows are also milked according to their natural production within a normal milking routine and season. Historically, hormones such as recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH) have been used to increase the rate of animal growth and to stimulate milk production. The overuse of these hormones has led to concerns over possible health and reproductive issues for the animals, as well as concerns about potential effects on human health and the environment (6, 7). While studies are not necessarily conclusive, we choose to err on the side of caution.

5. No routine antibiotic use
Because of strong concerns regarding the overuse of antibiotics in food animals, our dairy suppliers are not permitted to use antibiotics unless it is necessary to treat a sick animal as part of good veterinary care. Even then, the milk cannot be used until the affected animal’s health has improved and an appropriate clearance period has passed. The inappropriate overuse of routine antibiotics in food animals for purposes of increasing the rate of growth is a known contributor to antibiotic resistance (8, 9).

6. Flash-pasteurized, undenatured, ultra-filtrated
Isagenix takes special care to obtain undenatured whey protein concentrate and milk protein concentrate. These ingredients are made using a cold-membrane ultra-filtration process that keeps the native proteins intact.

The term “undenatured” does not mean that the product hasn’t been pasteurized. In line with standards for pasteurization and safety, the milk used for Isagenix products is flash-pasteurized at 161 degrees Fahrenheit (72 degrees Celsius) for 15 seconds. This is enough heat to kill pathogenic bacteria (e.g. E. coli), yet the milk isn’t exposed long enough to denature the dairy proteins to any significant degree (10).

Denatured proteins are those that have lost their biologically active shape when subjected to extremely high heat, heat over a long period, or extensive processing steps. While denaturation won’t affect the protein content of dairy ingredients, it can affect flavor and may cause loss of biological activity of certain peptides that are naturally present in milk.

7. Rigorously tested for safety
Finally, as with any raw material used in manufacturing Isagenix products, the dairy proteins we use are rigorously tested for safety. This includes testing for potential adulterants or contaminants that include heavy metals, pesticides, and microbes. After manufacturing is completed, samples of finished products are sent to a third-party laboratory for additional Finished Product Verification testing. Your health and safety remain our top priority.


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5 Reasons to Love IsaLean Shake

At the core of any Isagenix System is IsaLean Shake, our complete meal option and the staple product of all our systems and packs across Weight Management and Energy & Performance solutions – the Isagenix IsaLean Shake is the ultimate must-have, and we’re here to tell you why!

1.       Nutrition made simple
Good eating habits and physical activity are key to reaching and maintaining your goals, but it can be challenging to get the nutrition you need each day. IsaLean Shakes take the effort out of healthy eating and provide your body with the essential nutrients it needs to perform at its best; protein, carbohydrates, fats, fibre, vitamins and minerals. It’s calorie-controlled too, with just 240 kcals per serving. This isn’t just a shake, it’s a delicious meal!

2.       Make, shake and take!
Unlike other meal replacements, the IsaLean Shake does not have to be mixed with milk to make a complete meal, but with water! This makes it easy to make, shake and take: simply mix the powder with water, shake it up in your IsaShaker (or blend with ice if you prefer) and enjoy it wherever you are– at work, at home, at the gym or on the go!

3.        The power of protein
Whatever your goal, protein is essential. Among other benefits, protein supports muscle recovery as well as contributing to growth of muscle mass and maintenance of normal muscle and normal bones. IsaLean Shakes contain 24g of high-quality, undenatured whey and milk protein in every serving to help you reach your daily protein intake and reach both your Weight Management and Energy & Performance goals. Our high-quality whey protein formula contains a superior branched-chain amino acid profile and is combined with all the other essential nutrients for optimal health and wellness.

4.       Tailored to your taste buds
IsaLean Shakes taste delicious simply mixed with water, but when you’re consuming them every day, it’s natural to want a bit of variety! IsaLean Shakes are incredibly versatile and are the perfect base to add your own ingredients. Customise it by adding your favourite fruit, leafy vegetables or even other Isagenix products such as Ionix® Supreme and Cleanse for Life (more on these products in the coming weeks!) to your shake. These extra ingredients will add calories as well as key nutrients, but as long as you’re keeping track, there’s no reason not to indulge your creativity as well as your taste buds!

5.       Free from…
As well as having natural sweeteners, no artificial colours or flavours in our shakes, they are also free from both soy and gluten. Why is this important? People are becoming increasingly aware of food intolerances, and by ensuring IsaLean Shakes are soy-free and gluten-free, we enable more people to enjoy their rich taste and reap the benefits of this nutritionally balanced meal replacement to support their healthy and active lifestyle.

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Meet the Next Generation of IsaLean Shake!

We are always looking to advance nutritional science and get the most out of nature’s fine ingredients, as well as to ensure that you are getting your hands on your favourite flavours of the Shake!

The convenient and nutritionally-complete meal replacement is a cornerstone of the Isagenix system around the world and is now available to you in your Associate Back Office (ABO). IsaLean Shake is the perfect tool to support good eating habits and physical activity so you can maintain your goals.

What’s in IsaLean Shake?
Balanced nutrition requires a healthy mix of protein, carbohydrates, fat, fibre, vitamins, and mineral. The high-quality protein formula found in IsaLean Shake contains a superior branched-chain amino acid profile combined with a blend of essential nutrients. Simply put, it’s a complete meal that tastes great!

  • 24 grams of high-quality undenatured whey and milk protein to support lean muscle growth
  • Full Spectrum of vitamins and minerals to nourish an active lifestyle
  • 8 grams of fibre per serving for regularity
  • Active Enzymes and probiotics for easier digestion
  • A high-quality protein that has superior Branched-Chain Amino Acid Profile
  • no artificial colours, flavours, or sweeteners

 The Importance of “Shake Every Day”
Now that IsaLean Shake is in the market, it’s important to remember why enjoying a shake every day has so many benefits.

  • Protein-Rich Meal: 24 grams of high-quality protein.
  • Complete Nutrition: Contains carbohydrates, fat, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Convenience: Simply add water then shake or blend. It doesn’t get easier than that!
  • Isagenix System: IsaLean Shake is part of your daily Isagenix System to help achieve results.
  • Amazing Taste: taste so good that you can’t wait for the next.

Order Yours Today! Visit your Back Office to add IsaLean Shake to your next Autoship or Wholesale order!

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Fiber-Rich Shake Additions to Boost Digestive Balance


IsaShake is already rich in fiber with approximately 3 grams of dietary fiber per serving (3 scoops) whilst IsaLean Pro contains approximately 6 grams of dietary fiber per serving (1 packet), but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a nutritious boost to your shake to help you meet your goals.

While the Institute of Medicine recommends at least 25 grams of dietary fiber for women and 38 grams for men every day, only about five percent of adults meet this recommendation (1). According to a large national health survey, the average person gets just 16 grams of fiber a day, or about half of the minimum level that’s recommended to maintain good health (2).

One reason average fiber intake remains so low is that many healthy foods have less fiber than you might expect. For example, a typical packet of oatmeal only provides about three grams of fiber while a medium apple, including skin, also provides around three grams.

Not only do most of us fail to consume the recommended amount of dietary fiber, but we also fall short on variety. Different foods offer a mix of dietary fiber types, each with unique properties that contribute to overall digestive balance. By selecting from a variety of different fiber-rich foods, you can be sure to get the greatest benefit for digestive health.

It’s best to increase your dietary fiber gradually to meet your recommended daily level. Sudden dietary changes can lead to gastrointestinal upset, even when you’re making a change to support better health. One approach is to add a few servings of fiber-rich foods like whole grains, beans, fruit, and vegetables each week to work towards meeting your goal.

Expanding your variety is as important as increasing the total amount of dietary fiber. Start by adding foods like banana and psyllium hulls that are sources of soluble fiber, known for supporting digestive balance. Also include foods like flaxseed, oats, and wheat germ that promote digestive regularity because they’re rich in insoluble fiber (3).

While IsaShake or IsaLean Pro is already an excellent source of fiber, adding a nutritious fiber boost to your shake can bring more variety to Shake Days and help you meet your goals. Try your shake with these additions to increase your daily fiber and contribute to greater digestive balance.

Shake Addition Calories Total Fiber Soluble Fiber (grams) Insoluble Fiber (grams)
Almonds (6 whole) 40 0.5 > 0.5 0.5
Flaxseed (1 tablespoon) 55 3 1 2
Apple (1 small) 80 3 1 2
Banana (½ small) 50 1.5 0.5 1
Blueberries (3/4 cup) 60 1.5 0.5 1
Psyllium hull (1 teaspoon) 20 5 3 2
Instant oats (1/3 cup dry) 100 3 1.5 1.5
Wheat germ (3 tablespoons) 80 4 1 3


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