IsaRally Vegas is completed. You did it!

2017-isarally-las-vegas-sm-may-29_600x400-sm-postCongratulations to all of our IsaRally Vegas participants—you have reached the finish line! You have worked hard sharing Isagenix, transforming lives and growing your business through effective business strategies. For that, you should all be proud —now, it’s time to celebrate!

Stay tuned—we’ll be notifying the qualified winners soon!

Important VISA Approval Preparation Information
All IsaRally potential winners will need to provide important passport information in preparation for the VISA approval process for contest winners.

Potential winners will need to provide:

  • Full name as it appears on the passport
  • Resident address
  • Passport number
  • U.S. Embassy address where the VISA is applied
  • Travel dates
  • A color copy of your passport

Please note, submitting your information does not mean you have won the contest, this is just preparation to expedite the visa process. IsaRally prizes are non-transferrable. If a participating Associate does not take action to obtain their VISA in advance, they can not transfer their prize.

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IsaRally Final Countdown! Time to the finish line!

2017-isarally-las-vegas-sm-may-22_600x400-sm-postIt’s the last week of IsaRally Vegas. We appreciate all of the hard work you’ve done to achieve your goals, grow your business and win an unforgettable trip to Celebration 2017 in Las Vegas, US! Those who qualify will be able to join like-minded Associates to get invaluable advice and knowledge from top trainers, learn about exciting product launches and come together as one team. Pus, qualifiers will also have the opportunity to take part in several parties, receptions and recognition ceremonies, such as the Gala Awards, Crystal Executive Rally Reception, START Party and more!

It is time to reset, refresh and reignite your fire to share Isagenix as one team—we can’t wait to see you there!

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IsaRally Vegas: 3 Weeks Left to Earn a Trip to Vegas!

2017-isarally-las-vegas-sm-may-8_600x400-sm-postIt’s the last three weeks of IsaRally!

Over the past two months, we’ve shared tips and strategies to help you not only earn points, but also grow and strengthen your business. Make sure you are putting it together to make the most out of the next three weeks!

Tips and Strategies:

Focus on your goals and build by using these tips and strategies. In exchange for your hard work you can be rewarded with a trip to Celebration 2017 where you will join thousands of like-minded Associates and top Isagenix leaders for our biggest event of the year!

Will you be one of the IsaRally winners? Can’t wait to see you there!

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IsaRally Vegas: Earn Points Through the IsaBody Challenge

2017-isarally-las-vegas-sm-apr17-hn_600x400-sm-postWe are now halfway through IsaRally Vegas where you can earn points and win a trip to Celebration 2017! One way to earn points is by helping others transform their lives through the IsaBody Challenge!

The IsaBody Challenge is a 16-week total body transformation challenge for Isagenix Customer and Members. Because we believe that transformations are for everybody, we award all who successfully complete their IsaBody Challenge. When you help one of your new personally enrolled Customers or Associates get started with the IsaBody Challenge, you will earn points toward IsaRally Las Vegas! For additional details, please see the IsaRally Flyer.

To learn more about the IsaBody Challenge, visit

So, what are you waiting for? Start helping others transform their bodies and transform their lives with the IsaBody Challenge!

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IsaRally Las Vegas: Grow Your Team, and Earn Your Way to Celebration 2017


Want a chance to win an extraordinary trip to our biggest event of the year, Celebration 2017 in Las Vegas? With hard work and dedication, you can earn points through maintaining your paid-as rank each day of the commission week and by helping your team members rank advance. Full details and rules for IsaRally Las Vegas are available here.

Earning Points Through Growing Your Team
Growing your team is one of the ways to earn points during the Rally, whether you help new Associates get started with Isagenix, help your personally developed Associates rank advance, or maintain your own Active rank.

Tips to Help You Grow Your Team
1. Create Your “Who Do You Know?” List. Create your contact list of key friends, business contacts, and others who may need better health, more flexibility in their lives, or even a little more money.

2. Follow the “You Share, They Share, Repeat” System. After using Isagenix products, share your experience with friends and family in your contact list. Next, help your friends and family share their experiences. Finally, repeat the whole process to continue earning points.

3. Develop Your Team. Lock arms with your team by having weekly meetings face to face or through text or social media. You can also host Experience Isagenix Meetings and invite them to corporate product and business training.

Complete these steps, and you’ll be on your way to earning points towards a trip to Celebration 2017!

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IsaRally Vegas: Tips for Success

2017-isarally-las-vegas-sm-mar-8_600x400-sm-postThe IsaRally Vegas contest is on and Associates from all over Asia can earn their way to Las Vegas this August!

Earn Points Through Sharing Isagenix Products
A great way to earn points for the rally is through sharing Isagenix with others. Isagenix offers solutions for anyone who is looking to improve their health. Sharing the products with others is simple – share the results!

Earn Points Through Helping Others Get Started
Another way to earn points is through helping others get started with Isagenix.

  1. Develop the right mindset.
    Always remember that every person you come in contact with is an opportunity to connect them with the Isagenix solution that is right for them.
  2. Create interest and curiosity.
    Don’t be afraid to share your personal journey and your success. Be positive, be authentic, and most importantly – be yourself! It’s important not to force Isagenix on others.
  3. Follow up.
    When someone is interested in learning more about the products or the opportunity, set up an offline meeting to tell them more. If they comment on your Isagenix-related posts, send a private Facebook message to start building a relationship.

Take a chance to earn an extraordinary trip to our biggest event of the year, Celebration 2017 in Las Vegas! Check out the point structure of IsaRally Vegas in the official contest rules.

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Register NOW

?????????????????????????????????????????????????Have you registered your IsaRally team? If you haven’t, it’s not too late! Don’t miss your chance to earn an extraordinary trip to our biggest event of the year, 2017 Celebration in Las Vegas!

Form your team and get ready to race! The Top X IsaRally teams will earn an opportunity to learn from the best in the business about our products, training systems and compensation plan all while having FUN in Las Vegas!

Important dates                                                                      

  • REGISTRATION:               Monday 20 February – Sunday 6 March, 2017
  • POINTS ACCUMULATES: Monday 20 February – Sunday 28 May, 2017
  • CELEBRATION DATE:      Sunday 6 August – Wednesday 9 August 2017

What are you waiting for? Log into your Back Office, go to the “Contest & Promotions” tab and select IsaRally Las Vegas to register your IsaRally team now.

Full details and rules for the contest are available here.

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Get Ready to Race! Earn your trip to 2017 Celebration – Las Vegas!

sgmyid-isarally-lasvegas_20-febIsagenix is excited to announce that IsaRally- Las Vegas starts today! Prizes for the top 2 IsaRally teams and top 2 individuals will win:

  • Round trip economy ticket from Singapore to Las Vegas
  • Ground transportation between hotel and airport
  • 5 Nights Twin Sharing Hotel Accommodations
  • 2017 Celebration ticket

Besides these great prizes, we are overjoyed to welcome a very special guest keynote speaker – Tony Robbins! Tony is a world-renowned entrepreneur, best-selling author, philanthropist, and the nation’s No. 1 life and business strategist. Now, Tony is headed to Celebration to share his knowledge and advice with our Isagenix family!

Form your IsaRally team today, with a maximum of four members and only one member with a recognition rank of Director or above. Registration for the IsaRally Las Vegas contest is now open through March 6, 2017!

How to register a team? For Consultant and above, please log into your Associates Back Office (ABO), go to the “Contest & Promotions” tab and select IsaRally Las Vegas to register your team.

Don’t miss your chance to win an extraordinary trip to our biggest event of the year, 2017 Celebration in Las Vegas, U.S.! Full details and rules for IsaRally Las Vegas are available here.

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