15-4014ASIA-B LowCostProduct-IsaFYI-121615-Week2Introducing our new e+™ Natural Energy Drink concentrate packaging*

*Each bottle contains 15 servings.

In October, we announced our latest product advancement: the new affordable, no-compromise product line. This game-changing product line will improve how we share Isagenix across the world, making healthy nutrition and cleansing solutions easier than ever to discover!

We look forward to introducing the full product line in March 2016 at our first regional convention in Asia. In the meantime, these new products will be phased into the market as they are available, and you will learn more about each product and its affordable pricing in the coming weeks.

Leak-proof, no-fuss packaging that is small enough to take on the go provides economical and convenient options your Isagenix customers will love!

Plus, these new products provide Associates the opportunity to:

  • Share products with a larger percentage of the population who previously were unable to purchase the products
  • Help more people in Asia achieve their personal health and wellness goals
  • Expand your Isagenix business by building long-term product users

Be sure to share this exciting news with your product users and stay tuned to IsaFYI.com/International for more information!