As we devote the month of May to contribution, join us to make a difference for children with life-threatening illnesses. Through our sponsorship of Make-A-Wish®, you can help make wishes come true for these courageous children and their families. Visit your Back Office and select “Manage Autoship” under the “Orders” tab to make a $1 or more automatic charitable donation on every order. Your donation can help bring strength, joy, and hope to children just like Xi Cheng.


Xi Cheng has a penchant for planes and land speed record cars and he especially loves cockpits. Diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in 2015, the nine-year-old boy underwent a stem cell transplant in early 2016.

In his spare time, the chatty and active boy loves to design cockpits for planes or land speed record cars. This inspiring child’s one true wish was to have a chance to pilot a plane in a flight simulator, and Make-A-Wish was pleased to grant it.

After receiving a book on planes and motor-vehicles from his wish granters, he began sketching planes and cockpits zealously and has since amassed a sizeable collection of his creative works. A reflection of his attention to details, Xi Cheng even took the time to design every individual seat in his drawings.

Arranged by Make-A-Wish, Xi Cheng visited the Temasek Polytechnic Aviation Academy (TAA) to learn about the different aspects of planes up close. After designing his very own plane at the desktop flight simulator, Xi Cheng was elated to fly and land the plane virtually. Besides learning about all the different instrument panels and switches within the cockpit, the aviation enthusiast also learned how to control a plane.

2It was a dream came true for Xi Cheng when he donned the full pilot suit (with genuine SIA pilot wings) and toured the heritage hall at the SIA Training Centre. One of the multiple SIA memorabilia he received included a special edition SG50 SIA A380 scaled model and a Boeing 777 blown up actual map of the cockpit. When all the cabin crew at the SIA cabin crew training center greeted him “Good afternoon, Captain!”, the shy boy blushed at the attention.

This wish day gave Xi Cheng many fond memories for years to come as he recalls his ecstatic experience of “flying” the iconic Boeing 777 plane in the flight simulator.

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