16-6020ASIA-LeadershipPool-IsaFYIWe have officially entered the second month of the Leadership Bonus Pool, and you have a new opportunity to earn a share—even if you didn’t earn one last month!

Previously, we gave you tips and strategies for growing your team and earning points in the pool by helping new Associates get started  Now, we want to focus on how you can earn additional points through strengthening your team and helping new Associates build their business.

To support this goal, take an active approach to leading your team:

1. Stay in constant contact. Once you help a new Associate get started with Isagenix, your job is far from over. If they go about building a business of their own, they will look to you for strategies, tips, and answers to their questions. Rather than wait for them to contact you, we recommend you take an active approach by scheduling time every week to meet or call your team members.

2. Look for ways to improve. The best leaders are always looking for ways to improve themselves—whether it’s through personal growth and development or boosting their business and product knowledge. Constantly improving yourself can make you a valuable resource to your team—the more you learn, the more you can teach and help your team.

3. Develop leaders within your team. If you have several team members that begin building businesses of their own, it can be helpful to shift your focus on helping them become effective leaders. By developing leaders within your team, you can help your team members create robust and effective sales teams.

When you begin following these leadership strategies, you can help your team become stronger and more effective. And as you develop your team, you can earn more shares in the pool!