Want a chance to win an extraordinary trip to our biggest event of the year, Celebration 2017 in Las Vegas? With hard work and dedication, you can earn points through maintaining your paid-as rank each day of the commission week and by helping your team members rank advance. Full details and rules for IsaRally Las Vegas are available here.

Earning Points Through Growing Your Team
Growing your team is one of the ways to earn points during the Rally, whether you help new Associates get started with Isagenix, help your personally developed Associates rank advance, or maintain your own Active rank.

Tips to Help You Grow Your Team
1. Create Your “Who Do You Know?” List. Create your contact list of key friends, business contacts, and others who may need better health, more flexibility in their lives, or even a little more money.

2. Follow the “You Share, They Share, Repeat” System. After using Isagenix products, share your experience with friends and family in your contact list. Next, help your friends and family share their experiences. Finally, repeat the whole process to continue earning points.

3. Develop Your Team. Lock arms with your team by having weekly meetings face to face or through text or social media. You can also host Experience Isagenix Meetings and invite them to corporate product and business training.

Complete these steps, and you’ll be on your way to earning points towards a trip to Celebration 2017!