IsaBody_BeforeAndAfter_Reshveen“The IsaBody Challenge® was a gift for me. I am very thankful that my Sponsor introduced me to the Isagenix System and the IsaBody Challenge®. The Challenge has transformed my body physically and also helped in growing my business.” Says Reshveen.

Before Isagenix, Resh was used to traditional dieting where he would restrict his calorie intake before his competition. He went through a period of time where he would lose weight only to put everything back on and more within a week. To him, this felt tiring, sick, and just plain unhealthy.

With the Isagenix System, he was able to lose his body fat effectively and most importantly maintain it! He noticed that his cravings were reduced significantly and he no longer had that desire to binge eat.

 Resh is now at his ideal body fat percentage and can continue building muscle instead of feeling lethargic and tired. Surprisingly, whilst losing body fat, he got stronger through this 16-week challenge and achieved many personal bests in the gym which includes a 180-kilogram deadlift at 65-kilogram bodyweight.

Resh also competed while on the system for the first time. “I was so proud that I took second place in the sports model category. I came in to the competition in the best shape of my life. My entire mindset and beliefs were blown away with what I had achieved with the system,” says Resh.

However, his greatest joy and success throughout this challenge period was the number of people whom he had brought with him along the way. Their physical and mental transformations were incredible and had helped motivate him too.

“  I am forever thankful to Isagenix,” says Resh.