Introducing 2016 IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner!

Congratulations to Kevin C., our 2016 IsaBody Challenge US$5,000 Grand Prize Winner!

Kevin's B&A


Kevin C.
Age: 50
Height: 1.72m
Total Weight Lost: 8.2kg
Number of challenges completed: 2




Kevin is an established athlete and is filled with a passion promoting and developing bodybuilding sport in Singapore. He is a gym owner, a Master Fitness Trainer and had won countless of physique / bodybuilding competition. He has to deal with a hectic work schedule which tires him out, causing him to lose the “fire” to build up his own body.

After 4 years of hanging up his posing trunk, Kevin woke up one day and decided that he needs to get back up on stage to compete and rebuild his physique. To be able do that, he needed a good nutrition plan to help him. He chanced upon Isagenix during a Sports & Fitness roadshow and that was his life changing moment.

Kevin signed up with the Energy & Performance System and started his very first Isabody Challenge! His journey with the first 16 week for his IsaBody Challenge went from losing the excessive fats, to building more quality muscles. The products have helped him to improve his focus, increase his energy level and stamina while enabling his body to better recover. Isagenix has beautifully accomplished all that.

Isagenix not only helped him to prepare, refuel, rejuvenate, it brought him back his body! He came back better and stronger than before! Kevin felt he was ready to get back up on stage again and relive his success. 3 weeks after completing his first Isabody Challenge, Kevin travelled to the United States for his physique competition and came in 2nd place.

“In Isagenix, I have found the perfect holistic formula to achieve optimal health and fitness functions. I know that my nutrition is well taken care of now and in the future!” says Kevin.

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