Isagenix Expands Reach Throughout Asia

We are excited to announce that Isagenix will be expanding its reach throughout Asia and Latin America communities through advanced product innovation.

In an effort to greater achieve the Isagenix mission of positively impacting world health as set forth by our founders, Isagenix announced plans to launch an updated product line in March 2016 for all of Asia and Latin America countires.

The updated product line will maintain our no-compromise commitment to quality through rigorous Isagenix testing standards while allowing us to reduce the per-serving cost to a price that is more agreeable with our Asia and Latin America customers. Isagenix Chief Executive Officer Kevin Adams shared details of the plan last week.

Through innovative, new packaging, reduced transportation expenses associated with manufacturing, and newly acquired sources for key ingredients, Isagenix is able to offer the updated product line to Asia and Latin America residents at a more affordable price.

The product line and new pricing structure will help Associates implement several key strategies:

  • Sharing products with a much larger percentage of the population who previously were not able to purchase the products.
  • Helping more Asia and Latin America residents achieve their personal health and wellness goals.
  • Expanding their Isagenix business more quickly through the sharing of products in all levels of the community.

Isagenix Founder and Master Formulator John W. Anderson reaffirms that the U.S.-based ingredient sources, while more economical, are top-notch and meet our unwavering commitment to excellence.

”We’re going to support you—the source of the protein is the same company responsible for incorporating the New Zealand and Australia whey protein processing…from the cows and non-GMO, steroid-free, and hormone-free standards,” says John. “They replicated that in the United States. So, we’ll be able to have the exact same hormone-free whey in such a close region that will save on transportation costs.”

In addition to the updated product line scheduled for March 2016 in Asia and Latin America, Isagenix announced an immediate price reduction on all existing products to help introduce the Isagenix lifestyle to more international customers over the coming months. This price reduction will help Associates expand their efforts to share products with a much larger audience.

While the price reduction takes effect immediately, the updated Isagenix product line will be introduced progressively and officially unveiled at the first-ever Convention regional event in March/April 2016. Location and more details will be available soon. Stay tuned for some exciting promotions to help you and your top leaders attend the event.

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