Since her first baby, Joey’s weight hovered at about 70kg. “The love for food has made me an unhappy woman whenever I looked in the mirror”. Tired of how she looked, she made a change in her lifestyle by watching her diet and adding exercise to work towards a healthy lifestyle. However, life wasn’t a bed of roses. “I worked out, felt hungry and ate – it’s like a cycle. Eventually, I was discouraged with the weight gained in no time even after losing a few kilos at the start of workout routine” 

Joey was introduced to Isagenix by Grace in May 2017. “I told myself that this would probably be my last try!” After 2 weeks, she lost 4kg and was feeling amazed with the results of such an easy system. She no longer had to combat hunger and is able to fit Isagenix into her lifestyle easily. “I’m still feeling great with the enjoyment of food once a while due to work and family commitment.” With a total of 13kg lost in weight and 6.7% lost in body fats, Joey felt her energy level skyrocket. She became healthier and happier.

“I feel great in my overall wellness of my body, mind, and soul. Most importantly, I feel young once again!”  


“I was extremely skeptical about weight loss supplements and have invested a lot in many other weight loss programs over the past few years. However, my weight rebound after I stop the weight loss program.” 

At the age of 24, Kee Wee was ashamed of taking photos and depressed of her body physique because she could not be like most of her friends who look great in swimsuit or vibrant clothing. “When my friends asked me out for shopping spree, I would end up getting nothing as most of the shops don’t carry clothes of my size. I could only shop at stores that specifically sold oversize clothing.” 

Looking at her aunt, Amy’s transformation journey with Isagenix, she was excited that there might be a solution for her! “Due to the tight financial situations, I saved money for several months so that I could purchase the Isagenix products.” Within the first week of Isagenix System, Kee Wee was amazed that she not only lost weight but also felt energetic and was able to focus better on her work. 

“During my Isabody Challenge journey, I lost a total of 17.9kg and I’ve never felt so happy and confident of myself. The Isagenix system really changes my life.”