Set Goals and Realize Your Dreams

050116-whatdrivesus-isafyi-1200x630The first step is always the hardest. Whether you’re starting a new weight loss journey or a business, know you’re not in it alone. Isagenix has more than 550,000 Customers who, like you, have courageously taken that first step and are now reaping the rewards. Begin by putting your goals down on paper, then connect with others to learn their tips for turning their visions into reality.

Dream, Achieve, Celebrate, Repeat

At Isagenix, what you dare to dream you can achieve! We are a goal-driven organization that continually sets the bar high. As a company, we continue to stretch and grow our impact on the world, our products, and the individuals who are part of our family. No matter the goals set, we provide systems to accomplish time-bound, measurable outcomes. We are dedicated to reaching our goals while adhering to all of our core values. We take the time to celebrate our victories and our efforts. We reward ourselves and our team for their hard work and achievements. Then we set another goal and start striving anew.

Join Isagenix as we devote the entire month of July to being goal-driven and another year to transforming lives.

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What Drives Us: Gratitude

060116-whatdrivesus-isafyi-600x400We are six months into 2017, and we have already achieved several new milestones including the launch of Customer First, our most important initiative ever, updated our main website,, to be more intuitive and user friendly, expanded into a brand-new market, the U.K. market, and surpassed $5 billion in cumulative sales. None of this would be possible without you and for that we sincerely thank you.

Thank You

We believe gratitude is essential to a fulfilling life. Gratitude is understanding and appreciating the impact each of us has in creating positive change for ourselves, our friends, our families, our communities, and the world. At Isagenix, we celebrate the efforts and achievements of others no matter how great or small. We are grateful that we get the opportunity to share our products and culture with the world.

Join Isagenix as we devote the entire month of June to gratitude and another year to transforming lives.

Learn more about our values and What Drives Us.

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IsaRally Vegas is completed. You did it!

2017-isarally-las-vegas-sm-may-29_600x400-sm-postCongratulations to all of our IsaRally Vegas participants—you have reached the finish line! You have worked hard sharing Isagenix, transforming lives and growing your business through effective business strategies. For that, you should all be proud —now, it’s time to celebrate!

Stay tuned—we’ll be notifying the qualified winners soon!

Important VISA Approval Preparation Information
All IsaRally potential winners will need to provide important passport information in preparation for the VISA approval process for contest winners.

Potential winners will need to provide:

  • Full name as it appears on the passport
  • Resident address
  • Passport number
  • U.S. Embassy address where the VISA is applied
  • Travel dates
  • A color copy of your passport

Please note, submitting your information does not mean you have won the contest, this is just preparation to expedite the visa process. IsaRally prizes are non-transferrable. If a participating Associate does not take action to obtain their VISA in advance, they can not transfer their prize.

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For Shi En and her family, 17 March was a joyous and momentous day where the endearing five-year-old was granted her cherished wish of meeting her favorite character Elsa from the Disney film Frozen.

4Diagnosed with medulloblastoma, Shi En is currently in the recovery stage and had returned to school recently after undergoing four rounds of radiotherapy and chemotherapy last November.

Shi En’s wish day at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, where The Wonderful World Of Disney On Ice show was held, began with a “princess makeover” in her palace, a tent adorned with lovely light blue, white, and silver decorations. She also received a pile of Frozen toys and merchandise, sponsored by Disney. The dolled up princess was then whisked away for a short ice-skating session in the arena, followed by a mini performance and meet-and-greet with Anna and Elsa where she received lots of friendly hugs from the duo.

After the Disney On Ice show commenced, it was visible from Shi En’s adoring expression that she was thrilled to enjoy the show with her mother and grandmother and the spectacular VIP view made the fantastical winter wonderland experience even more magical for the little princess. Although quite shy, Shi En agreed to participate in the show and rode on the cart with her mother during Genie’s performance.

As she witnessed her daughter’s wish unfold, Shi En’s mother beamed with joy and expressed her appreciation to everyone who made Shi En’s wish come true.

Make-A-Wish Singapore is grateful to Disney and Feld Entertainment for helping grant this magical wish experience for Shi En!

Since 2012, Isagenix and our Associates have helped Make-A-Wish change the lives of hundreds of children, just like Shi En, by bringing joy and hope to them and their families. Each donation given to Make-A-Wish, whether large or small, can help inspire and give renewed strength to these extraordinary families to continue their fight against their children’s illnesses.

How Can You Give Back?
Our goal is to have every single Associate donate to Make-A-Wish during the month of May. Whether you contribute $5 a week, $150 a month, or $10,000 a year, your donations can help inspire and bring joy and hope to these extraordinary families to continue their fight. Let’s make a difference together!

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As we devote the month of May to contribution, join us to make a difference for children with life-threatening illnesses. Through our sponsorship of Make-A-Wish®, you can help make wishes come true for these courageous children and their families. Visit your Back Office and select “Manage Autoship” under the “Orders” tab to make a $1 or more automatic charitable donation on every order. Your donation can help bring strength, joy, and hope to children just like Xi Cheng.


Xi Cheng has a penchant for planes and land speed record cars and he especially loves cockpits. Diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in 2015, the nine-year-old boy underwent a stem cell transplant in early 2016.

In his spare time, the chatty and active boy loves to design cockpits for planes or land speed record cars. This inspiring child’s one true wish was to have a chance to pilot a plane in a flight simulator, and Make-A-Wish was pleased to grant it.

After receiving a book on planes and motor-vehicles from his wish granters, he began sketching planes and cockpits zealously and has since amassed a sizeable collection of his creative works. A reflection of his attention to details, Xi Cheng even took the time to design every individual seat in his drawings.

Arranged by Make-A-Wish, Xi Cheng visited the Temasek Polytechnic Aviation Academy (TAA) to learn about the different aspects of planes up close. After designing his very own plane at the desktop flight simulator, Xi Cheng was elated to fly and land the plane virtually. Besides learning about all the different instrument panels and switches within the cockpit, the aviation enthusiast also learned how to control a plane.

2It was a dream came true for Xi Cheng when he donned the full pilot suit (with genuine SIA pilot wings) and toured the heritage hall at the SIA Training Centre. One of the multiple SIA memorabilia he received included a special edition SG50 SIA A380 scaled model and a Boeing 777 blown up actual map of the cockpit. When all the cabin crew at the SIA cabin crew training center greeted him “Good afternoon, Captain!”, the shy boy blushed at the attention.

This wish day gave Xi Cheng many fond memories for years to come as he recalls his ecstatic experience of “flying” the iconic Boeing 777 plane in the flight simulator.

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As we devote the month of May to contribution, join us to make a difference for children with life-threatening illnesses. Through our sponsorship of Make-A-Wish®, you can help make wishes come true for these courageous children and their families. Visit your Back Office and select “Manage Autoship” under the “Orders” tab to make a $1 or more automatic charitable donation on every order. Your donation can help bring strength, joy, and hope to children just like Jameen Chong.


Jameen, 17, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia three years ago. An unfortunate stroke struck Jameen in October 2014, leaving her wheelchair bound and uncommunicative at the age of 15. She is also fully dependent on others to help her complete everyday activities.

Prior to her illness, Jameen was a hardworking, Sec 3 student who is analytical, well-read, and loves watching the news. She spent a lot of time journaling and aspired to be a travel journalist, travelling to third world countries to report on war-related and natural disaster stories.

6In celebration of her 18th birthday, Make-A-Wish granted Jameen’s one true wish to take an exclusive tour of Singapore Press Holdings’ (SPH) Print Centre in Jurong Port Road with her family. The tour covered key steps in the printing process, including the creation of printing plates, ink transfer from plate to paper, and sorting of printed newspapers into bundles for delivery to news agents islandwide.

At the surprise party, Jameen’s mother and younger sister were very touched when they saw her showered with gifts, such as the customized The New Paper polo shirt embroidered with her name, plush toys, and a birthday cake from Make-A-Wish. To make Jameen’s wish come true, The New Paper also put together a column based on interviews with Jameen’s mother and presented the framed news column as a gift to the birthday girl.

Join Isagenix to raise money and awareness for this incredible cause and impact the lives of children just like Jameen in our local community.

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Isagenix U.K. Is Live!

05-10-17-uk-launch-tyler-g-v1-050517-1200%e2%80%86x%e2%80%86630After much anticipation and excitement, we’re thrilled to announce that Isagenix is officially open for business in the United Kingdom! Since the market’s announcement at New Year Kick Off 2017, we have had nearly 20,000 U.K. residents pre-enroll in Isagenix, far exceeding all expectations and leaving no doubt that people in the U.K. are eager to begin experiencing and sharing our no-compromise products.

With an office located in central London serving England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, Isagenix U.K. establishes our foothold in Europe and offers many exciting opportunities for growth. The U.K. staff is led by Peter Kropp, Regional General Manager of Europe, and is composed of a team of over 35 talented professionals who are dedicated to helping make Isagenix the largest health and wellness company in the world.

uk-team2Image Caption: Erik Coover with members of the U.K. team in central London.

The U.K. market will begin with enough products to complete a 30-Day System plus e+™ (known as e-Shot in the U.K. market) and IsaDelight® for a Cleanse Day treat. The market will focus on two of our solutions: Weight Management and Energy & Performance. As the market grows, more products and solutions will be added.

Join Us In June for Grand Opening Festivities!
We will be holding our official Grand Opening event June 24-25 in London at the ExCel Exhibition Centre. This two-day celebration will feature exclusive training from top leaders around the globe, product launches, new promotions and incentives, and the opportunity to be a part of Isagenix history. Get your tickets now!

For additional details regarding the U.K. launch, including product information and market contacts, please review the U.K. Leadership Packet.

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Make-A-Wish grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength, and joy. The impact of a wish experience spans a lifetime; strengthening children, just like Tisya below, as they fight their illness, encouraging their families, and inspiring their communities.

3Tisya is an extremely bubbly 4-year-old girl who loves everything related to princesses and “My Little Pony”. And more than anything else, she loves being at the center of attention! While she was hospitalized, Tisya missed her playschool performance and so her one true wish was to become a stage performer.

On her Wish Day, Tisya arrived at Furama Hotel with her family and entered a magical ballroom decorated with ponies with My Little Pony songs playing in the background. Her eyes lit up when she saw her beautiful Rainbow Dash dress. She was whisked away for a professional styling session complete with a manicure. And of course, she had a rainbow wig to match her dress!

Led by dance teacher Shelley, Tisya and her friends rehearsed their performance. Tisya was so excited to be able to dance along to her favorite songs and followed all of Shelley’s moves with enthusiasm!  It was soon time for Tisya’s grand performance and she bravely marched onto stage amidst the cheering crowd. Shelley was so impressed that she awarded each performer with an ‘Oscar’, with the biggest going to Tisya.

As part of its sponsorship of Make-A-Wish, Isagenix has set up a system that gives Associates the opportunity to make a donation to Make-A-Wish, so we can continue supporting children worldwide, just like Tisya. Visit your Back Office ”Order” section, select “Manage Autoship” from the drop-down menu, and choose Make-A-Wish and the amount you would like to contribute monthly. Join us in making a difference!

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IsaRally Vegas: 3 Weeks Left to Earn a Trip to Vegas!

2017-isarally-las-vegas-sm-may-8_600x400-sm-postIt’s the last three weeks of IsaRally!

Over the past two months, we’ve shared tips and strategies to help you not only earn points, but also grow and strengthen your business. Make sure you are putting it together to make the most out of the next three weeks!

Tips and Strategies:

Focus on your goals and build by using these tips and strategies. In exchange for your hard work you can be rewarded with a trip to Celebration 2017 where you will join thousands of like-minded Associates and top Isagenix leaders for our biggest event of the year!

Will you be one of the IsaRally winners? Can’t wait to see you there!

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What Drives Us: Contribution

050116-whatdrivesus-isafyi-600x40031 Days of Giving Back; It’s What Drives Us
Contribution is at the core of Isagenix. That’s why we’re devoting the next 31 days to giving back to deserving causes like Make-A-Wish® and several local communities across the globe. Join Isagenix, or a START Give Back event near you, and help make a difference in the lives of others.

Give Back, Move Forward
We believe you never truly have anything until you share it. Making a difference in other people’s lives, giving back, and serving others is a joy. Contribution is more than just giving money; it’s about giving part of yourself through your time, knowledge, love, assistance, and effort. Contribution also allows us to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Selfless contribution, without expecting anything in return, helps build self-esteem.

We contribute to our families, to the less fortunate, to charitable causes, and to each other’s success so that together we can have the biggest impact on the world. We are committed to contributing to world health today and for generations to come.

Join Isagenix as we devote the entire month of May to contribution and another year to transforming lives.

Learn more about our values and What Drives Us.

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